Radio Communications

As an authorized Icom dealer, we can can provide radios for emergency vehicles, airports, construction, and private use.  We have the ability to also repair and maintain your equipment in house to allow a shorter down time.  From UHF and VHF to LTE, we can help you figure out exactly what works for you.

Tower Service

Along with our radios, we offer full tower servicing as well.  From dead spots in a system, to the creation of a new one, we will work with you from start to finish making sure all coverage is taken care of as well as in working order.

Communications Tower
early warning systems

Early Warning Systems

Nothing is more important during sever weather as having advanced notification.  We can upgrade and install new early warning systems for your community to help aid in such situations.

Communication Rentals

Here at E&S we understand that their is not always a constant need for communication systems.  So, we offer a radio rental program.  From local festivals to large community events, we can provide you with the equipment needed to keep everyone in touch.


Communication needs?

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