Michael Sanders - President  here.

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E&S Communications

Mike started working with audio, video and lighting when he was just 15.   By age 18, Mike was working with various companies as a FOH engineer and Audio Tech , traveling across the US.

Mike began working at Caterpillar right out of High School and continued there,  until taking a job as a systems analyst at State Farm.   He continued working as a systems analyst during the week, and working with concerts and events on weekends.   Mike attended Illinois Central College and the University of Illinois, pursuing his degree in Criminal Justice and Business.  

In 1998, Mike became a police officer in central Illinois.  During that time, Mike noticed a need from his own agencies as well as others, for quality communications and emergency vehicle equipment.   Mike began working from his own garage assisting other agencies with  their needs.  

In 2005, E&S Communications was started in Tremont, IL with 2 employees.  In 2008 E&S Communications purchased Colson Communications in Pekin.  Today, E&S Communications has 8 employees at two locations, Pekin and Springfield. E&S provides Emergency Vehicle Equipment, Two-Way Radio Communications, as well as Audio, Video and Lighting services throughout the United States.     your paragraph here.